Fashion, accessories and interior elements by Latvian designers

Vilnas mētelis ziemai mint

Clothing by Latvian designers

Our shop has selected Latvian designer clothing – dresses, shirts, t-shirts, sweaters etc. – created by well-known Latvian brands, such as “Miesai” with their “RĪGA” T-shirts, “OWA” with their dresses and T-shirts and others, as well as young designers who have started their business lately and create original collections which will let you appear even more unique.

Vilnas mētelis ziemai mint
apaļi adas auskari sievietēm sudraba krasa

Latvian jewelry and accessories

Leather earrings in the form of feathers, leaves, disks or in any other form, Swarovski crystals and natural stones, necklaces, hand and foot accessories, cufflinks and accessories for men, and much more are specially designed for Latvian designer accessories in our store. A wide choice, and everyone will find something for themselves to jump in!

Bags, which are made in Latvia

We know that on a daily basis often there is a desire to grab something with you while relaxing, working and otherwise spending time. Therefore, we offer beautiful leather and other handbags made in Latvia – handbags and backpacks, as well as fabric shopping bags that protect our land and nature.

Dabīga koka sienas pulkstenis

Interior elements, tableware and much more from Latvia

Clothing and accessories are not the only Latvians make, so we can also buy wooden wall clocks, porcelain dishes, stone mugs, baby toys, leather and wood wallets and other beautiful Latvian products in our shop.

Do you want to find us?

Kluug shop is located in the center of Riga, 31 Lacplesa Street, near the crossroads of Lacplesa and Barona Street. If you would like to see all our offers, we will be glad to see you at our shop!

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