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A place to find the beauty in little things

Short story – we are a Latvian designer clothing, accessories and interior items boutique in Riga.

The people who have been in our store and have seen it with their own eyes could tell you more than that for sure – a longer story. When someone enters our store, mostly we can be glad for hearing words like “Oh, you have a really lovely store” and compliments that this is a different boutique – with a more personal attitude than in other similar stores. These words are always delightful and we are always trying to keep being worthy of these words – be open and ready to help everyone find out which corner or shelf of this will delight his or her heart and eyes. Would it be a beautiful Latvian dress, a t-shirt with Latvian symbols, a leather bag, a porcelain cup or something else! We will help to find it…

Our products are specially selected and it’s very important for us that it is created in Latvia, with a thoughtful and aesthetic design, high quality and something that makes it different and original. We offer already proven values and some of the most prominent Latvian brands, such as the “Riga t-shirts” produced by the brand “Miesa” and Owa, a social business company that produces t-shirts and dresses with original pictures. However, we are especially pleased that we can offer new Latvian designer and brand products that are very popular amongst our customers, as it is possible to get something that is not manufactured in bulk and is more unique than other clothing or accessories that the popular shopping centers offer… Fashion you won’t see right on the street.

We have also taken care of those who are looking for some gifts for women, men or children as for birthdays, so for name’s days, graduations and other celebrations or daily rejoicing. We offer leather earrings in the shape of feathers, which is a beautiful gift for a woman on a name’s day… Stylish male butterflies, which is a great gift for a man on his birthday… Wooden toys made in Latvia will surely  children let rejoice whether it is a birthday or a name’s day… And also many other gift ideas, such as t-shirts with or without printings, leather and wood wallets, cups and much more.

We think that it would be and partly already is  wonderful to live in a world, in a society, where everyone encourages and supports each other. And we also think that we all should work on letting the value of our years here, in this world, to grow! Therefore, we are grateful to God for the possibility of being in a society that can produce some kind of positive influence that is deeper and more significant than the routine of our daily life.

Our values

We believe that beauty is hidden in the simplicity of men, therefore kindeness and openness to everyone should be self-evident. We believe that traditional and strong families should be at the heart of our society, so we are happy to to offer clothing and accessories from family businesses, too.

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